Going on your own Microgap!

VB/VE staff are invited to head out on their own familiarisation trips with relevant expenses covered. In exchange, we would like you to take picture on your camera or camera phone for use in VB/VE  marketing. VisitBritain would own the images created. If you are interested in heading out on a Microgap please contact (pressteam@visitbritain.org).

Things to consider when taking pictures on a Microgap

  • Framing the image – keep a straight horizon
  • Think about interesting angles, crouch low, get up high looking down, try vertical and horizontal in format
  • Check that the image isn’t too dark on the screen and check exposure
  • Check that the image is in focus. If you are not sure, take another if the moment is still valid
  • Avoid litter bins, drab grey pavements with drains, for sale signs
  • Avoid non-artist graffiti
  • Think colours and if the sun comes out try to have the sun on the subject from an angle to make it more 3D and helps people and objects to stand out ie sun over your right shoulder as you look at your scene or in the scene don’t be afraid if the sun is shining into camera -can be fun especially walking in countryside
  • Ensure the person in the image if it includes facial expressions either gentle smile or fun expression to camera or at least smiling toward where the subject is looking
  • Don’t wear black or large logos.
  • Have a few colours and hats (bobble hat, fedora, beret style etc)
  • Chunky jumpers (plain in colour -not black)
  • Blue or other coloured jeans (again no black)

An OwnCloud link will be created for you to submit your assets after your trip.

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