Usage explained


Editorial use means that assets (image, videos, text, audio) can be used in VB/VE general corporate or consumer marketing for non-commercial tourism related purposes.

  • Editorial assets are cleared for non-commercial tourism uses only, i.e. organic social activity
  • Editorial assets do not have the necessary permissions in place, i.e. from the people, properties or artworks featured, to be used for commercial purposes

If an asset is being used editorially to illustrate a topic then the following uses would fall under this:

Magazines – editorial coverage – consumer, trade, employee, internal etc Press releases
Non-fiction books Educational text books and presentations
Invites to an non-paid event Websites- editorial
Organic social posts


Commercial use means that assets (image, videos, text, audio) can be used in VB/VE’s marketing campaigns, including paid for social media activity.

Commercial assets have all necessary licenses and permissions, i.e. from the owner of the asset, the people or properties and artworks featured, for commercial campaign marketing, including paid for social activity (i.e. boosted posts). The supplier of the asset must be able to provide copies of model, property or artist releases upon request. If an asset is being used to monetise, sell, promote or market ’something’ then this falls into commercial.


Digital or Print advertising Instore Ads
TV ads Point of Sale Display
Billboards Non-point of sale Display
Sales brochures / magazines Websites – paid advertising or campaigns
Flyers Social Media advertising
Direct Mail

In order to use an image for commercial purposes you must ensure that all the necessary permissions are in place. If you are creating new assets please see Commissioning Assets.


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