Using Assets on Social Media

When users post a photo or video using brand sanctioned hashtags, they are giving their implied consent for the brand to use that content. This is also called Implicit Consent. Brand sanctioned hashtags are those that a brand has actively encouraged a consumer to use. This could have been by encouraging them to use a hashtag to enter a competition or giveaway, or just through general promotion of that hashtag.

To re-share content, VB/VE requires explicit consent – implicit consent is not enough. Explicit consent is when the content owner makes a statement or takes clear affirmative action to confirm that VB/VE can use their content. This use will be for editorial purposes across VB/VE’s owned channels only.

What does this mean for VB/VE?

  • If a user has tagged their content with #LoveGreatBritain, #LoveUK or #MyMicrogap, we must obtain explicit consent to allow us to re-share the image.
  • When we ask for explicit consent, we must be clear which social channels we would like to re-share the content on. Credits must be checked and used for any use.
  • All teams must obtain explicit consent for any VisitBritain/ VisitEngland social media sharing.
  • Always post this link to our UCC terms and conditions.

If you wish to licence an image for commercial uses (to include boosted social posts) please contact

What is best practice for an editorial post or repost of UGC Content?

In order to post or re-share an asset owned by a third party, across any social channels, you must always obtain a form of explicit consent.

Consent for editorial use should be asked in the form of:

A direct email/ message via an inbox detailing the use and image required.

  • Clarify that this is for Editorial use.
  • This may be agreed free of charge for editorial, as long as the image is accompanied with the correct credit information.
  • Unless a copyright owner waives their right to be credited, the owner must be named.

OR Posting a comment requesting the outline of intended use.

  • Acceptance by content owner should be clearly stated (refer to ‘explicit consent’)
  • A credit must always be used. For further information on editorial and commercial licensing and consents please contact

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